Tuesday, June 24, 2008

African Christians on the North American Church

I was reading this post by Tony Payne and I was struck by this:


This is the characteristic testimony of the Ugandan Christian, he told us: I once was this, but now am that. Once a drunkard, but now a preacher; once a fornicator, but now a faithful husband. Once lost in sin, but now found by Jesus.

It struck me that this is one powerful reason for the abhorrence with which the Africans regard the revisionist ‘gospel’ of the liberals in North American. The liberal gospel is not a gospel of transformation. There is no power to change. Indeed, there is no need to change, because what we ‘once were’ is simply redefined as a valid lifestyle choice. “I once was lost, but now I realize that being lost is who I am, and that God honours that and accepts that.”

... I asked Henry Orombi whether he thought this emphasis on the transforming power of the Word was one of the key differences between evangelicals and liberals. He said:
"The preaching of the word of God allows faith and response to germinate. When the Word is preached, things happen.

Why is the church in the Global South growing? And not in the North? When I am in Uganda, I preach for one and half hours. How long do they preach in the North? Ten minutes?

What is happening in the North? Do they have a love for the Word? An ordinary Christian in the South has a Bible that is well-used and well-thumbed."

Monday, June 23, 2008

Conferences and my local pastor

"The speakers are amazing, they are so much better than normal pastors."

While I was at the Resolved conference, I heard a girl say this. (Mind you, this was said despite organizer and pastor Rick Holland asking people not to do this, but that's not my point here).

Some 3400 people lauded the speakers at this conference with great shouts and cheers and clapping. I wonder if they do the same for their local church pastors?

It's highly likely that John Piper isn't going to be the one who must give an account for your soul before the Lord.

With that in mind, I want to humbly honour my local church pastor, Clint Humfrey.

At Calvary Grace Church we are profoundly blessed to have in him the leadership and teaching of such calibre that every Sunday we are treated to God-glorifying spirit-convicting preaching with as much Biblical exposition and substance as the messages at this conference.

I was sad on Sunday morning at Resolved... I missed Calvary Grace.

"We ask you, brothers, to respect those who labor among you and are over you in the Lord and admonish you, and to esteem them very highly in love because of their work."

1 Thessalonians 5:12-13

Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to legally mandate the hatred of your children

Yes, I said "legally mandate the hatred of your children." That is, this article relates the passing of a bill through the Canadian Senate that would make hating your children the law if it makes it through the House.

Here is what it says:

"Bill S-209, which needs House approval to be made into law, proposes to eliminate Section 43 of Canada's Criminal Code, which allows parents, teachers and caregivers to use reasonable force to discipline a child and correct their behaviour."

"It is to send a signal, so that people who use violence in a repeated way will no longer feel protected," she said, according to Canwest News Service. "It is not to arrest everyone who gives their child a tap on the arm."


The Senate mulled over the bill for more than three years, as the Canadian Bar Association and the Canadian Council of Criminal Defence Lawyers spoke out against it. In response to concerns, the bill was amended to allow parents and caregivers to use force in very specific situations — such as when a caregiver wants to immediately stop a child who is about to do something dangerous that could cause serious harm.

Routine discipline and using spanking as premeditated punishment wouldn't be allowed."

Here we see the non-sensical equivocation between "people who use violence in a repeated way" and those who apply discipline to their children because they love their children. "Repeated discipline" and "premeditated punishment" are loaded statements designed to rhetorically twist the picture to win people so as to pass an idiotic bill. "Premeditated! Violent! I don't want that." And I had someone "tap me on the arm" to get my attention the other day - as if that has any disciplinary value. Moreover, the bill apparently allows for forceful discipline in some situations "such as when a caregiver wants to immediately stop a child who is about to do something dangerous that could cause serious harm." Why only immediate use of force? Why the ad-hoc restriction? Why are we allowed to use force to prevent immediate danger but not to prevent much greater long term problems and societal decay?

What if my boy treats girls like garbage? I cannot discipline him with force. So he doesn't learn to respect them and he grows up to be a womanizer. He then forces himself on fifteen or twenty women. Spreads an STD.

We know the outcome of bad parenting and a lack of applying the rod to our children and yet we see the innane foolishness of our government in their ad-hoc proposals. I personally know the value of regular forceful discipline when I was disobedient - and I am grateful for it now.

Notice that the liberal end of the government is trying to decide what is best for children on your behalf - not that the unprincipled conservative end is all that much better. Nevertheless, this is, of course, the pro-abortion end of the government.

Now, I want you to observe that these folks will allow you to rip your child's head off as long as it is in the womb, BUT, if you spank your child you're liable to prison. (the reader can determine whether these people have their priorities in order).

They think they have the right to tell us how to parent our children. Long ago they jettisoned biblical principles and now they are simply making it up as they go along. And notice that they will always use the abuses to justify the banning of those things proper. It is like the SBC banning alcohol, or the prohibition in the early 20th century. Guess what - you won't get rid of the abuses by making criminals out of good parents precisely because the law already prevents abuses, and law will never transform the heart.

But then, this is the country where a Quebec judge just ruled in favour of a twelve year old girl who brought her dad to court because he discipled her by disallowing her from going on a school camping trip because she violated the rules of using the internet by posting pictures of herself on an internet dating site, and then fighting with her step-mom over it.

It has been observed that the wicked are always trying to destroy their own city. I will point out that a good way to do that is to hate your children. As it is written:

Proverbs 13:24
Whoever spares the rod hates his son,
but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.

This Proverb is expressly supporting the use of forceful discipline - a discipline not only couched in love, but required if you love your children.

If you love your children you'll oppose this bill.

If you hate your children you'll support this bill.

The Canadian Legislature and Judiciary is in the business of making the law say you have to hate your children.

May God have mercy on us.