Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Slapping Stupidity Between Two Covers

“Needless to say, The Power is a bad book. A really bad book. It’s so utterly stupid, so unbelievably vapid, that it boggles my mind that anyone could read it and believe it. If you could package foolishness, if you could slap stupidity between two covers, you’d end up with The Power. Read it if you must, but as you do it, you’d better generate some good feelings toward brain cells; you’ll need to attract a few to yourself if you’re to replace all the ones that are sure to die as you give hours of your life to all of this drivel.”

Challies: Book Review - The Power

If you didn’t know:

The Power is the just-released 2010 follow-up [to The Secret] and one that immediately raced to the top of the New York Times list of bestsellers. The problems with the book are too many to catalog in a short review. It is almost mind-boggling how much unsubstantiated and blatantly contradictory nonsense Byrne manages to pack into just 250 pages, many of which contain little more than pictures and out-of-context quotes (from people as diverse as Gandhi and Jesus, Albert Einstein and Dietrich Bonhoeffer).

Oh, and while we’re on that note, the law of attraction just might not be all it’s cracked up to be. The Secret of Rhonda’s Success

Who knew!

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